An Armed Robbery Without A Mask

Whats a man to do when he doesn’t have anything to lose and everything to gain?

Nearing success in education and in healthcare, the time I had invested may have seemed to many as a waste. Yet I felt success in my heart, and being from the Arizona-Mexico border town, Douglas I began to see an opportunity where many had seen despair. With millions of narcotics crossing that border every year and a trillion dollar industry. The question crossed my mind, how could I find my way in such an industry? With one foot in and one foot dangling out I found myself looking at a piece of notebook paper that quickly became a journal as I wrote my first song, “I need my money like Armani.” Success was what I wanted a king pin was not a life I could see myself sustaining a career from. I chose music still I was haunted by the question, AM I really committed still distributing and transporting narcotics?

I recorded that song then headed east for The Windy City for the first time on the greyhound. With only a duffle bag in hand with several days’ worth of clothes and a Large amount of Marijuana. I was able to sale the entire amount in only a few days as I was un aware of the street values at that time in Chicago all a while enjoying a considerable profit compared to what I would have made back home. Later that week I met up with some friends and performed in a small bar before I began to ask everyone I’d meet and come in contact with what they would like to see in the next great performing artist. That weekend we traveled to Washington, DC and again I found myself randomly performing at monuments and on corners continuing the discussion at what would be required of the next great performing artist.

Those discussions would prove to be valuable when I released my demo ‘The Rap Study’ and promoted it over a stretch of nine hundred miles in three states only stopping to perform, sleep, eat, write and to continue discussion with locals as to what would be required from the next great performing artist. That nine hundred mile stretch of bus hopping, cab hopping, hitch hiking and continuous discussion in each city at what would be required of the next great performing artist would again prove to be valuable when I released and began marketing ‘The Journey to Find Me; The Real Life of Wes P’ providing a vision, direction, and hope as Sicwitit Sticwitit Wes P Productions, LLC was born, but not before several run ins with police and several life altering traumas. I then knew exactly where my time had to be invested as I made a commitment.

Fifty albums were sold as I walked around Southern California before I returned home to raise funds in order to fulfill more record sales. Starting on the corner of Fifty First Avenue and Thunderbird I waved down cars in the intersection and cross walk as album sales began to spike. Thousands of albums sold and gifted later, numerous performances and I have overcame several addictions, completed my past and have came face to face with my true authentic self which provides an opportunity for others to walk truthfully, faithfully and upright all a while experiencing peace, love and happiness bringing us together, as one. Standing united and whole once again.

I encourage you to give ‘I Am That, I Am For The People By The People’ a listen. It’s my latest album and it’s my life, holding nothing back. This is me standing up for the truth. Releasing everything about me that quite frankly may scare some folks, others maybe able to relate, but for me I am stepping into the shoes of the freest and quite possibly the most feared man alive who doesn’t happen to be opening fire in movie theaters or grocery stores or even blowing up cities with bombs created in my basement. I am releasing pure divine wisdom and love well aware of my responsibility and right at justice choosing to do what is right. Coming specifically from my aunts living room floor.

I hope by now you have a taste of the direction we are headed as I change the world one person at a time starting with myself from the spark of inspiration I got from listening to Tupac Shakur’s words and taking them to heart when I understood his words. “I am not sayin’ I am gonna change the world but I gurantee I’ll spark the brain that does change the world”.


When you download and listen to I Am That, I Am For The People By The People it is my latest album and full of hip hop tracks that I think would make the “Ghetto Gospel” and “Thug Life” artist proud.



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